The Pre-K year is an extremely important one...that’s why, at KIDDIE JUNCTION, we have worked so hard to make it very special! Our Pre-K program is recommended by many local Kindergarten teachers! Taught by caring, certified teachers, our Pre-K program prepares children for Kindergarten both academically and socially. Our curriculum was designed to cover what local Kindergarten teachers expect their students to know. Each year, we survey the parents of our recent graduates. These surveys give us up-to-the-minute information about what is going on in our local Kindergarten classrooms. Based on parent reports, we know that children are leaving KIDDIE JUNCTION prepared to meet the demands and challenges of Kindergarten.

Numbers, letters, concepts, pre-math, writing activities and reading readiness are all part of the daily activities in our Pre-K classroom. Small and large motor skills, creative thinking, decision making and social skills are developed through a variety of carefully planned, diversified activities. Our Pre-K classrooms are fully equipped with a variety of learning centers, including a writing center, computers, block corner, manipulatives, housekeeping area, sand and water table, easel, dress-up, puppets and imaginary play props.

Our Nursery program provides 3 year olds with the opportunity to grow both socially and emotionally in a warm and caring classroom environment. For many 3 year olds, this is their first experience being away from mom, and being part of a group. Children come to KIDDIE JUNCTION with unique personalities, varying levels of development, and different life experiences. We pride ourselves on recognizing that each child is an individual, and should be treated as such. A child’s first school experience will leave a lasting impression on them. We want to make every child’s first school experience a positive one. When children are not quite ready to leave their moms, we ask their moms to stay in the classroom, and separate slowly at a pace that is comfortable for their child.

Our curriculum includes learning about colors, shapes, concepts, seasons and holidays. Children learn through a multi-sensory, hands-on approach, and enjoy practicing new skills through games on our classroom computers. Themes covering relevant topics help children learn about their world and build self-confidence. Our “VIP Program” gives each child the opportunity to be “extra special” for a week! During the winter we introduce job charts and calendars, and begin learning the Pledge of Allegiance and singing patriotic songs. Children are introduced to numbers and letters through play. Self-help skills, taking turns, functioning as part of a group and sharing are important goals for our 3's. Throughout the year parents are invited to special events, such as “sing-a-longs”. “Grandparents or other special people” are invited for a special day. In June, families are invited to a picnic.

KIDDIE JUNCTION has programs with moms, without moms, and with slow separation!


Our Pre-Nursery program is a gentle introduction to nursery school for 2 year olds. Classes meet one, two or three times per a week, from September through June. In September, parents are welcome to stay with their child and work on separation slowly.

Separation and socialization are important goals in these classes. Taking turns and sharing are encouraged with lots of praise and positive reinforcement.

Children are encouraged, but never forced to participate in group activities. Activities are age-appropriate and short enough to accommodate a two year old’s attention span!

Themes such as “When I was a baby”, “going to the potty”, seasons and holidays teach children about the world they live in. Introduction of colors, shapes and concepts challenge the minds of curious two year olds. Music, arts & crafts, dramatic play, circle time, playground and center time are all part of our busy day at KIDDIE JUNCTION.

One’s and two’s enjoy exciting classroom activities without having to separate from mom. Programs run September-January, February-June and July-August. Children that attend Mommy & Me classes make an easier transition into nursery school, since they are already familiar with the classroom routines. Moms and children get to make new friends, while enjoying lots of music activities, arts & crafts, circle time, playground and free play. Mommy & Me classes are a very special time for moms and children...together.

Two’s and early three’s that are almost ready to separate benefit greatly from this slow, child-centered separation process. Programs are once a week September-January and February-June, or twice a week during July and August.

The first few classes are designed to allow children to adjust to the classroom environment with their moms in the room. The first two separations are for playground time, which allow the children to leave their mom for just a few minutes. Separation slowly increases over time. Before you know it, moms are saying good-bye at arrival, and returning to smiling faces at dismissal!

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