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Dear Parent:

Thank you for considering KIDDIE JUNCTION PRE-SCHOOL & CAMP for your child. Choosing a Pre-School is an important decision. Entrusting the care of your child to others is a big step, both for parents and children.
Pre-School is the first introduction to a lifetime of learning. It is a journey that should start off on the right foot. Today’s children are learning skills to prepare them for tomorrow’s opportunities. Our enthusiastic teachers genuinely care about children, and have a strong interest in Early Childhood Education.

Our separation philosophy is designed to make your child’s first school experience a positive one. In all of our classes, parents are welcome to stay during the first few classes, when necessary. Being toilet trained is NEVER a requirement for admission.

Although we keep our doors locked, we have an “open door policy” for the parents of our students. Parents are welcome to stop by at any time to “peek” into our classrooms. Parents are reassured when they can see that their child is well cared for and enjoying the classroom activities. Parents are also welcome to call the office. Our office staff is happy to check on your child for you.

KIDDIE JUNCTION has been a great place for kids since 1985. We have earned an excellent reputation based on our outstanding curriculum, presented by a warm, nurturing staff of professionals. We are extremely proud of our dedicated and energetic staff. Our teachers and assistants are carefully selected, and go through an intensive screening process. All new staff are required to be cleared by their county police department prior to employment. Our teacher/child ratios insure lots of individual attention and close supervision. Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.

Our six air-conditioned classrooms are bright, cheerful and clean. They are well-equipped to meet the creative and growing needs of our students. In addition to our regular school year, we have a six-week summer camp program for 2-6 year olds, summer Mommy & Me and Slow Separation Classes, and Skills Workshops in reading, writing and math for children entering Kindergarten and first grade.

Our school has been approved by the New York State Department of Education as a Pre-school, Kindergarten and Summer Camp. We are fully insured, and our facilities are regularly inspected by the Nassau County Fire Marshall. Most of our staff have been trained in First Aid and CPR for Children. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

Young children love to learn about their world. They enjoy the opportunity to socialize with children their own age, while learning to “play away from home.” At KIDDIE JUNCTION, children are involved in “active learning” through exploration and play. Our programs give young children the opportunity to practice and develop their many emerging skills in a safe and loving environment. Please feel free to come by and visit our school. Appointments are not necessary. The best times to visit are Monday through Friday 10:00 - 11:30 and 1:00 - 2:30. From October through May, we are open most Saturdays from 10:00 - 11:30. We hope to see you soon!
Kiddie Junction Staff

STAFF TRAINING:  A large percentage of our staff are currently trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR. Several staff members are trained in advanced First Aid and CPR. All new staff attend a three-hour intensive training class for nursery school teachers and assistants. Training is ongoing each year through local seminars and staff meetings.

OFFICE STAFF:  Monday - Saturday we have an office staff, which allows the teachers to concentrate on their classes, rather than handling phone calls and visitors.

PLAYGROUND:  Special attention has been given to the proper design and maintenance of our playground and playground equipment. Our main playground provides areas for climbing, sliding, exploring and pretending. For safety, it has a gravel base. We have a separate fenced in area for organized games and parachute play. In the summer it is used for sports and special events. Children are always well supervised while enjoying the freedom of outdoor play.

INDOOR PLAYROOM:  Our playroom is set-up as an indoor playground, with climbing equipment, slides and a bicycle carousel. All equipment is age-appropriate and low to the ground. For safety, our entire playroom floor is made of rubber.

FENCING:  Our Playground areas have a 6-foot chain link fence with safety latches out of the children's reach.

BUILDING SECURITY:  We keep all of our doors locked. Our entrance has glass doors, which are visible from our office. Visitors are greeted by a staff member. Parents are always welcome to visit the school.

HALLWAY SAFETY:  Children are never permitted to walk around the building without supervision.

FIELD TRIPS:  Parents provide transportation to and from class trips, either individually or by car pools. At the end of the Pre-K year, we charter a school bus (with seat belts) for a special field trip.

DISMISSAL:  Children are dismissed one at a time to their parents. Parents fill out a form giving the names of friends and relatives that are allowed to pick up their child. Children will only be released to people that are on their list.

SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed inside the school, or on any school grounds, by order of the Nassau County Department of Health. For everyone's safety, this ruling is strictly enforced.

The Kiddie Junction Philosophy
To provide children with the opportunity to socialize with their peers in a safe, stimulating, well-supervised environment

To treat each child as an individual, and to respect their differences.

To allow each child to separate and participate in activities at their own pace.

To acknowledge and respect the many emotions a parent feels during their child's first school experience.

To encourage a love of learning.

To nurture each child's creativity.

To encourage children's self-help skills.

To empower children with the tools needed to resolve conflicts on their own.

As a non-sectarian school, to teach children about the customs and symbols of the major Christian and Jewish holidays, without covering the religious aspects of any holidays.

To motivate through positive reinforcement.

To prepare children for Kindergarten...and for life.


DIAPERS ALWAYS WELCOME means just that! At KIDDIE JUNCTION, we do not feel that a child has to be toilet trained to be ready to attend school. If a child needs their diaper changed during class time, our staff will change the child's diaper using sanitary methods, and positive language. No child is ever made to feel uncomfortable for needing a diaper changed.

CHILDREN JUST OUT OF DIAPERS often have "wetting accidents." This is a natural part of the toilet training experience. Our staff makes every effort to keep your child happy and comfortable. Spare clothing is always available, and children are reassured that "everyone has accidents sometimes."

OUR SLOW SEPARATION POLICY is very important for many children. Starting school is a big step, and for some children it can be a little frightening at first. It helps a child to know that their mom (or caretaker) can stay while they get used to school. Once they are familiar with the routine, and learn to trust their teachers, separation goes very smoothly. We feel that it is very important to respect children's feelings, and allow them to separate at their own pace.

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